Employer Liability Claims

Unfortunately accidents in the workplace remain a common occurrence, but many of these accidents could have been avoided by employers implementing the correct measures and procedures to minimise the risk of an accident at work happening. It is your employers duty to ensure that they provide you with a safe working environment and one that does not place you at risk of injury. 

If you have sustained an injury at work as a result of an accident, then you may be able to make a 'no win no fee' personal injury claim against your employer through their insurance company.

Nobody expects to be injured whilst doing their job. That's why accidents at work can be particularly upsetting. Mix that in with the worry of making a claim against your employer and you're probably feeling very unsure about what to do.

But your employer has an obligation to keep you safe at work, when that fails, speak to a specialist to see if you're entitled to compensation. 

If you instruct is to deal with your claim, we will ensure that you are fully supported throughout your claim. To us, you will never be just  another number, in fact, we only act for a limited number of clients at any one time, which means you and your claim will receive the attention it deserves. 

Whilst making a claim against your employer may seem daunting, your employer cannot dismiss you if you bring a claim for injury. We will ensure that your claim is handled with care and does not jeopardise your relationship with your employer. In fact, there is absolutely no reason why you couldn't continue to have a long and fulfilling career with your current employer as most claims are dealt with by insurance companies on behalf of the employers and in most cases, it is the insurance companies who pay the compensation, and not the employers or the company itself. 

If we accept your case, we will act under a 'No Win No Fee' agreement and cover all necessary disbursements. If your claim is not successful, you do not need to pay us anything. If you claim is successful, we will never retain more than 25% of any compensation that we recover for you. The fee may be less than 25% in certain circumstances and we will discuss this with you at the time of accepting your instructions.

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We can help if you were:

  • Injured while at your work premises
  • Injured while performing your job elsewhere
  • You were not trained properly to do your job
  • You were not provided with the necessary equipment to do your job safely
  • A colleague has injured you
  • A customer has injured you
  • & many more

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